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2002 Acura RSX

Exterior One-Step Polish and Sealant Application **ENHANCED WRITE-UP INSIDE!**


A few months ago I was contacted by a member on another forum via a referral from David Fermani (Thanks David!) to perform some paint correction on his daily driver Acura RSX. At the time, the car was in need of some paint work where a previous repair had started to delaminate.

With the repairs completed a couple weeks ago, the car was brought to me last Wednesday for some clean-up and correction work. When it arrived the car was covered in a lot of overspray; nearly 3 hours of work with Meguiar’s aggressive clay was required in order to remove it. Once everything was fully decontaminated the car was polished with D300 on a MF cutting pad, with the repaired panel polished using M205 and a W8207 polishing pad. Protection was provided compliments of Opti-Seal. Here are some pictures:




S100 Total Cycle Cleaner aerosol was used to clean the exhaust tip and remove bugs from the front of the car:


Here you can see the automatic wash scratches and RIDS that covered most of the car:

All gone:

More swirls on the hood:




And finally, a few after shots:




There were several of the deeper RIDS which did not come out of some areas on the car, since this was only a one-step polish. The amount of defects that did come out however are a real testament to the power of the Meguiar’s DA Microfiber system.

Thanks for looking!