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Why Detail?

Your vehicle is in serious danger at this very moment. Every day, your vehicle is bombarded by hundreds of contaminants ranging from road salt to acid rain. These contaminants are a poison, choking the life out of your investment in the form of rust and corrosion.

Don’t worry – there is something you can do to help prevent this constant abuse from the environment. Make an appointment to meet with me – C. Charles Hahn, your Automotive Appearance Specialist. I can show you how, with proper care, your vehicle can last for years to come.

Many automotive dealerships misinform their customers regarding today’s clear coat paints and corrosion resistant components. While these parts inherently last longer than they did on the cars and trucks of 10 years ago, they still need extra attention to maintain that like-new appearance for a long lifetime of service. The “miracle paint sealant” packages sold by these dealers do not last the lifetime of the vehicle, and are often overpriced. It is important to have such sealants applied and periodically re-applied by an experienced detailer. This is where I come in.

I have several packages available to suit you and your vehicle’s specific needs. With everything from scratch and scuff repairs, to interior detailing, to exterior paint protection, together we can help to keep your investment as-new for years to come. I treat each and every vehicle I detail as though it were my own; high quality service and reasonable prices are guaranteed. So pamper yourself, pamper your vehicle, and contact me today.

I look forward to hearing from you! Please see my price list for a guideline of the services I offer.



C. Charles Hahn