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For most people, an automobile is the second largest investment they will make in their lives. Unlike an investment in real estate, however, vehicles are rapidly depreciating assets due to the exposure to harsh environmental conditions and wear from use they face. The services of a competent, properly equipped professional detailer such as myself can address these concerns.

By having your vehicle professionally detailed and maintained on a regular basis, a sacrificial layer of protection will be applied which will cut down on the impact of environmental deterioration. This not only makes your vehicle last longer, it also causes it to retain more of its resale value once you’re ready to trade up.

Preservation detailing is vital for every vehicle, whether it’s a daily driver or a prized classic garage queen; as is often said in collector car circles, “it’s only original once,” so it is absolutely crucial to protect that originality. With options ranging from waxes with a few weeks of durability to semi-permanent coatings, we can develop a plan to suit your specific needs.

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